New category! Design and Code essentials

We’ve created a brand-new category in the Community space: Design and Code Essentials!

This space is tailor-made for everyone, whether you’re embarking on your journey in Product Development as a designer, a developer (or both!) or you’re an experienced designer and/or developer ready to share your insights. Under this new category, we host knowledge-sharing and collaboration with articles that we believe can be interesting and insightful to beginners and those who’d like to help.

What to Expect:

:nerd_face: Dive into articles covering the basics of Design and Code.
:busts_in_silhouette: Connect with peers eager to learn and teach.
:green_heart: Share your invaluable know-how and ignite the spark of curiosity in other community members.

With this new category, we hope we help you learn, share, and grow as part of your creative journey! Enjoy :smiling_face: