Issues with importing text and groups from Inkscape

Firstly, I have to ungroup everything before I add to penpot, otherwise they all spawn to random places.
Secondly, I couldn’t find a way to get text from inkscape to penpot other than converting them to path and loosing text abilities.

Any help would be appreciated! For now, I can import them as paths, clone with text tool and align in place as a workaround.

Unfortunately, SVG texts are still not supported in Penpot imports. It is in our plans but not yet prioritized.

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Not only that but when I try to recreate, sizes don’t match properly for imported fonts, I wonder if this is an issue over penpot font importer because default founts (fetched from google afaik) don’t have this issue. For example, this[1] is the old cantarell font available in google fonts and same settings apply, but when I import the new Cantarell (or any other font really) font myself, it’s really broken[2], same settings but different (visual) size etc. White and Red below are configured the same.

Edit: NVM this issue also happens with figma (or rather, anything else than GTK), something else must be the issue, thanks!

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