Issue with Manipulating Complex SVG Files in Penpot

Hello Everyone,

First of all, i love penpot, it is awesome !

I am a little bit concerned about something that i discovered recently. I tried to import an svg file. This file is a complex svg with a lot of paths and things like that (the file weight around 4Mb). The import is ok, but then if I try to manipulate the svg file to make it shorter or to change its position, then penpot crash and i have to reload my page to see penpot again.

I put my svg file linked on this post : SVG image

I wanted to know if you know how to solve this problem… In fact I am trying to make a poster in A0 format, so i have to make a high quality image of my table…

Thank you in advance for your response and sorry to take your time for that.



Hey there @Tugdual_deK! I don’t know how good Penpot is handling complex vectors (as it is a prototyping tool, not a vector drawing tool) but you could try creating this layout from scratch inside Penpot and then export from it as SVG or PDF, you can use flex layout to help make things organized as a table.

I think this might be one of the possible solutions for your case.

I’ve have the same issue, I have to export my vectors files in png format before import in penpot.

Please can you fix this issue, it would be great.

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I have the same issue.

I generate complex svg diagram and would like to modifiy the text in penpot but it is impossible.