Inkscape Stroke Variability

I’m having a very frustrating problem importing Inkscape SVG icons into Penpot. Sometimes the icons import as expected, but oftentimes, the stroke is all messed up. Sometimes the stroke will be too thick and sometimes it will be too thin. I am using consistent settings in Inkscape (48x48 px icons with 1 px stroke width).

Here’s an example of the stroke being too thick when imported into Penpot:

Icon in Inkscape:

Icon in Penpot:

When I use Penpot to examine the stroke width of the icon, it shows as 10px when in Inkscape it was set to 1px. I can use Penpot to modify the stroke width, but this would be extremely tedious and is something I clearly shouldn’t have to do.

Any thoughts as to what’s going on?

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Here’s a data point that suggests this is a bug with Penpot. Here, I’ve added the icon as a Graphics Asset and the icon looks as expected in the Asset panel. However, when I drag/drop the icon onto my board, the stroke width goes super-fat.

I’ve ran into this before. I think it was because Inkscape would allow me to define a stroke width, but have no stroke paint defined.

In Inkscape (and Penpot) that meant the stroke wouldn’t show it. But the moment I would set the stroke color in Penpot the lines would show up bloated.

The give-away for me was that the stroke color would show up as “Mixed” in Penpot:


I suggest sharing the problematic SVG file here to help anyone willing to investigate this.

I get the same “Mixed” Stroke message, but in my case, a stroke color is defined in Inkscape. My workaround for the problem is to delete the “Mixed” stroke and then add a new stroke where I set the stroke width and color.

I tried attaching the SVG file but strangely, the .svg format is not allowed as an upload on this forum. :thinking: