I think this is a top priority coming from Figma and Adobe XD

Figma has a Ram limit because it’s browser based. I already hit the 1.5 gb limit and I find it absurd. I have 64 gb. I hit the layers limit of 20k layers in Adobe XD before I switched to Figma and now I have 300k layers. I want to use all of the ram I want to use and I don’t get why this is a problem with any and all things like Figma. I just don’t. 1.5 gb isn’t enough. Is there any views on this from any people actually working as developers on Penpot or are we still going to be stuck with 1.5 gb because that would be really lame.

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The problem doesn’t come from Figma, it comes from the fact that it runs in a browser. As of today, each browser tab has a 2GB RAM limit.

Unless those browsers get their limits increased, I doubt we’ll see any improvement on this.

Sketch doesn’t have this problem since in runs on desktop only.

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We’ve also been talking about this internally. The browsers have this limit in place to disable some possible exploits. There is very little we can do from the application standpoint but try to be as memory efficient as possible… but sometimes there is a direct trade-off between memory and performance so we try to find the right balance.

My personal opinion is that we need to live with this limit in order to leverage all the benefits from being a web tool. We need to find the best UI/UX to work around these issues. For example, I think 300k layers it’s already difficult to maintain, wouldn’t make more sense to split your file so you can grow different parts separately? that would kill two birds with one stone: you have a more maintainable file and also the browser won’t crash.

I get that the 2 gb is the end all be all here but again since Penpot isn’t mine I have no say but why have such a gigantic space as in Figma when you can use none of it from the Ram limit. If I made something it wouldn’t have this limit. The ram limit limits creativity and limits you on what can be made. I’m not saying we should all buy netbooks and sell our 2k$ computers that for some reason have 16 gb of ram when the thing we use to prototype is capped at an artificial not even 2 gb because when Figma even get near 1.5 gb it just gets really slow on a computer with 64 gb. I get that the ram limit exists but if Photoshop played the same thing or blender did the same thing then they wouldn’t be useful. I think if it’s on the desktop, at least we should be able to use as much Ram as we want without something telling us that there’s a software limit. Because something else will come along and not have a limit. If Penpot had 0 limit and conditionals then everyone would switch in 3 months.