How to export a penpot project to some no-code platform?

Hi everyone! I would like to know if it would be possible to export a penpot project to some no-code platform.

Thank you for an answer!

Hi Icoro,

There is no build-in functionality to export penpot designs to a no-code platform. The team is currently working on an extension system and/or API which would enable a larger community of people to create export functions to various formats.


Meanwhile, if you download a penpot file as a “standard file (.svg + .json)”, you can open its contents with any standard application. And someone could write an app that converts it to other formats, perhaps one accepted by a no-code platform.

When we’ll have the plugins API, all this will be more automated and convenient. But now it’s possible.

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Thanks for the answers!

I will follow the suggestion. I was thinking about doing exactly that.