How to draw a polygon or hexagon?

How to draw a polygon(triangle) or hexagon in penpot? I dont see any tool to do that right, only what I can do, its draw a rectangle and cut by 2 diagonal vertex, but it’s not a correct polygon what I need. Any ideas?

@DerRenard have you tried drawing the triangle with the path tool? You can create any shape you want with it.

Drawing a triangle using three points with the path tool.

Edit: Sorry, the gif is pretty big, might take a minute to load! Should eventually look like this:

Yeah, but how to create regular triangle with 120deg each line? I’ve been trying this, but can’t to do it correctly. I think it might be better, that app would had a tool for creating polygons with different vertexes(from 3 to 9 or more like in figma, pixso, inkscape, Adobe Illustator and etc.)

@DerRenard just hold shift and all the angles will be 45° based

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