Help me understand how sharing the prototype is expected to use the flows?

Kinda newbie here. Was sharing the prototype and for some reason when it is shared via that public link it no longer uses the defined flow but just grabs the first board that appears in the sidebar. is this the expected behaviour?

Hi @the_wave_fixation, did you check our tutorial video " Advanced interactions"? I hope it helps!

I will watch it but do you really want me to wade thru a 10 minute video if you actually know the answer to my question?

@the_wave_fixation the link created at the Share prototypes window points to the first board by default, but you still have a way to share a link that started with an specific flow:

  1. Create a shareable link at the Share prototypes window
  2. Copy the link
  3. Open the link in a new browser tab or window
  4. Select the flow you want to share
  5. Copy the browser link. This one will open the selected flow.