A navigation component with prototype links?

Hello, I created a navigation component for the menu that will be on all pages.

I thought I would be able to link the prototypes from this menu but no such joy. It seems to be only on the first page.

I have pressed “update main component” and I have pressed “reset overrides” on all the other navigation components on other pages. But the prototype links don’t seem to update.

I’ve checked all my boards are unlocked.

Does this work? Or is there something I can do? Or should I just copy and paste this over and over. That won’t take long so isn’t a big deal but I want to understand for future knowledge of how components work.

Hi there! Thank you for sharing your experience with creating a navigation component in Penpot. I understand that you were expecting the prototype links to propagate across all pages, but it appears that they are only working on the first page.

In Penpot, the prototyping instructions for components do not automatically propagate between pages. This means that pressing “update main component” and “reset overrides” on other navigation components won’t update the prototype links as you expected.

In Penpot, the current functionality does not allow for automatic propagation of prototype links across pages. However, it’s a valuable insight for us to understand how you expect components to work in the future. Your feedback helps us improve the tool and consider implementing such features.

In the meantime, manually recreate the navigation instructions is a viable approach to ensure the prototype links are consistent across all pages. It may not be a significant inconvenience, and it can serve as a workaround until further developments are made.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to let me know :slight_smile:


Great, at least I’m not missing a trick. I’m not 100% sure I would want this to be the case for all prototype components, but for navigation I would do. But I can also envisage a time where this is not the case e…g for a “back” button. It would depend where you came from as to where you go back to. In any case with the current prototying tool it could just be an override potentially in that instance, so it might still be useful.

Thanks for the info.

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