Guest users (and Penpot for tabletop gaming !)

Hello !

It might be a very fringe use case, but I use Penpot for virtual tabletop roleplaying, using it as a sort of whiteboard.

Penpot allows me to quickly create character sheets, sketch out maps and use elements as tokens. It’s flexible enough to make it very easy to use for this purpose.

Something that I would love and make Penpot literally the best software for virtual tabletop in my opinion, is a way to configure the server so that users may login without having an account. Even better, if these users could be directly be sent to a given workspace, it would make my life a lot easier. Essentially, something close to the existing demo mode, but with extra parameters.

I understand my use case is exceptional, but I think this change would also benefit professional teams that use this tool for whiteboarding.

One can dream about dddice integration with Penpot…

Thanks !

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It sounds like what you’re proposing is an external/public share link. Other systems like Google Docs and Nextcloud have that sort of feature. I think it would be a great idea. I think I’ve received Figma links that way.

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This is similar to the problems discussed in:

You could add a :+1: or supportive comment on the github issue (in case you have an account there)