Do me one favour - plz enlarge the options of teams

do me one favour - plz enlarge the options of teams

just add the option to send links to projects - (instead of only inviting members via mail) thank you

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since we do not have this - its really hard to work on open projects

imagine: imagine github with the only option of invitation their coworkers and teammates via e-mails that have been sent like you do this in penpot

this would make github to a tool that nobody in the world would use: (since) - this would be a pain in the ass

so plz do me a favor - add some more functionality - to the allrady good looking penpot

update: i do not know if figma or sketch has such a feature!?

perhaps you can tell us!?

perhaps you can tell us!?

plz plz plz do me one favor: add this option - add this feature: Figma can do this:

Yes. In the share screen there’s a “copy link” button.

go ahead - go for the good goal and add this !!! The community needs this
imagine - no one in the world would use github if it is designed so poor and bad…

just go ahead add the important feature!!!

sorry - but here you can see what is needed:
How to share a Figma file to someone without a Figma account
No, they don’t need an account: a step-by-step guide on how to share a Figma or FigJam file to your friend, colleague, or tester.

Sharing a file with a non-Figma user
Open up the file you want to share

First open up the file you want to share — steps for both FigJams and design files are similar. In this example, I’m using a standard design file.

Hit the “Share” button in the top-right
From the editor screen, open up the share menu — this will be the modal screen, where you can also grab the share link from.

Use the dropdown to change “Only people…” to “Anyone…”

Here’s the magic: skip over the email invite text field, and select the dropdown underneath. By swapping it to “Anyone with the link”, you’re essentially making your file publicly viewable.

Be sure to set “edit” or “view” as required

Use the dropdown to select which permission you want to grant to people with the public link. Often this is “view” but other times you may want “edit”, too.

Grab the share link

Once that’s all done, you can grab the share link by hitting “copy link” in the bottom left of the share modal. Send this URL to your recipient.

Hello @Martin_Kaspar
If you want to share a file with anyone you can do it on penpot.

First open view mode, by clicking that button with a triangle on the top right corner of the workspace.
Screenshot from 2023-07-12 08-35-34

Then you can create a link with your preferences,
Screenshot from 2023-07-12 08-37-11

Then press create link and copy it

With that link any member of penpot will be able to see your designs.

If you want people to be able to edit those files you should invite them to the team.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

hello dear @Eva_Marco

many thanks - awesome : i will test it.
btw: then (if it is so - ) then Figma does not have any advantage -

i guess that there (at figma) the sharing also is limited to

a. view mode (for non Figma users) and - besides that
b. edit mode - (if the ppl finally register )

thanks for your work on PenPot and the great support