Generic Third-Party Authentication? (OAuth) Nextcloud?

I noticed in the configuration documentation ( 2. Penpot Configuration ) that there are callback examples for OAuth.

I’m wondering how those are used for a non-specific auth provider (e.g. Nextcloud) as opposed to one that’s specifically supported such as Google. I’d like to use my Nextcloud logins to access my new Penpot instance.

Thanks for any guidance you can give!

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OK, I think I am understanding better now after setting up a system that uses Google for authentication. There actually is not a generic interface for something like Nextcloud, although that seems somewhat ironic since Nextcloud and Penpot are both major open source projects and widely known in their respective areas.

I suppose I’ll have to convert this to a feature request. Both of these systems, which are for different organizations, will/would benefit from the integration aspects via OAuth, even though right now only the big-tech oriented one is supported.

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