Is there something like "background image repeat" currently in the app?

Hello everyone! As in the title - I want to ask is there something like “background image repeat” currently in the app? If no, I think it may be a really helpful feature to have.


No, this function does not exist. Figma has it (although a bit hidden).

What would you need this function for? (Giving a specific use case helps the team to understand why and how the function might be used)

My case is ultra simple - I have some pattern images, PNGs or SVGs and I want to duplicate it on the entire page. This is not a problem when the pattern is relatively big, but when it is 5x5px png/svg it requires copying it 82944 to fulfill FullHD image. At this moment, I must use external tools to prepare - exported PNGs with FullHD format from tools like and prepare separate SVG file to export for developers. If I have the possibility to use one small svg/png to set a repeating background - I can also define repeating settings inside PenPot, like offset positions, rotate angles, opacity. With this, someone working with mockup simply can look at CSS section and copy/paste these settings, getting the same results in the app.

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Thank you, I created an issue on github

Thank you very much for your suggestions!, this one is in the top of our backlog and exists from some time ago (it’s even designed) Taiga

@jdittrich I’m linking the github issue you created to the taiga one


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Do you know if Taiga will be included in the sprint 50 release, on 16 of November 2023?

Can we see the design now before the launch? :slight_smile: