Feature Request: Improve Outline and Coloring tool

Hey all.
I recently started using Penpot in favor of Adobe XD, and I must say that I really like it so far!

On my current project, I have designed some custom, pixelart-styled buttons for a websites’ navbar. I have created these buttons in a graphics manipulation program of my choice, and uploaded them to Penpot as a .png file. My plan was to experiment with the outline color of the buttons, which is when I discovered that Penpots outline doesn’t create an outline around the non-transparent pixels in the .png file, but rather an outline around the entire dimensions of the picture. I’d really love for this to change, since it’d make working with image objects way easier. I also miss being able to do essentially the same thing with the color feature. When coloring an image, it colors the entire rectangular dimensions of the image, instead of just the visible pixels.

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