Export object & group names in svg format

TLDR: to have Penpot’s objects & groups names exported along in SVG (as class names)

First, thank you all for this wonderful application.
I use it for mockups, but what’s also very nice is the ability to export objects or groups as SVG and use them directly in a website.
So it’s becoming my favorite tool to create icons and logos.

What would really improve this aspect :
a way to have the objects or groups names in the SVG.
Named SVG elements allow styling, animations…, and for now I add them by hand each time I export. I find it especially usefull for themes…

For now all I find in the exported SVG are hash ids like this

<g id="shape-5746f438-31b6-11ed-a117-9924bd4e022f">
<g id="fills-5746f438-31b6-11ed-a117-9924bd4e022f">

I don’t mind them, but having the names in a class attribute along seems quite crucial to me. I believe (or hope) it’s not too complex as a feature.

Figma allows exporting these names as IDs, but I think it would be even better to export them as class names (for when you use your SVG multiple times in a page).

I will add that I would gladly collaborate to this project if I can help