Export Figma to Penpot

It’s early days! I promise more of us are picking up the ball to try to contribute, and it’s totally in the hands of the community now to make it real!


Does this plugin work?

It technically works, but at a basic level yet. If you try to import a complex file it probably won’t meet your expectations, so it still can be considered a WIP.

Contributions for further progress are more than welcome btw!

What can be done to contribute here?

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Some community members have already contributed in different ways (here’s the PRs list), but there are still objects and properties that are yet not supported and adding them to the plugin might be the best course of action at this moment. At the plugin’s repository there’s a Contributing section with a list of suggestions.

I’m going to take a look at everything and I think I’ll give you a hand on some things about the plugin.

If I get lost I will ask you, thank you very much for everything :smiley:


That sounds great! Ask anything anytime :smiley:

Hi everyone! Does anyone know if there any plans for further development of the plugin?

Hello Penpot community. First of all, I find it very good, that the Penpot team has chosen the strategy of a community driven development of the import and export features. This fosters the sense of a partial ownership of the platform while it also directs the development to features, that are really wanted and needed by the users of the tool. I will try to contribute to this feature and get a better understanding of the current situation. One point that seems to make this whole import export feature difficult is the fact, that we are dependent on the closed source file format of the source platform e. g. Figma. If they make breaking changes, this will have a big impact on the plugin for us. In any case, great to see this community active and I’m looking forward to where we can go together. Stay safe and have a great time.