Duplicate of component doesn't show in assets

I created a main component (Primary button) and the duplicated it (secondary button). The primary buttons shows up under assets but the duplicated one doesn’t show up.
If I convert the duplicate to a main component then it shows under assets.
The material design 3 template has duplicates that show as assets.
What am I missing or do incorrectly?
Thank you.

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Hi @mm87347

When you duplicate any component, you will actually create a reference copy of the main one, so if you make any changes to the main component, they will automatically be replicated to all copies.

If you want to make a variation of an existing component you will need to pull it from the assets or duplicate the main one, make the changes you need, detach that particular instance and then create a new component, so both will be there for you to use. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response and explanation. I was able to apply your steps.
In the ‘material design 3’ template from the library I found this:
All these duplicates show up as assets, and I don’t understand why that is the case.
For now your explanation works, and I can move forward. As I am new to Penpot I might figure out the material design setup at a later point of time.
Thanks again for your help.

This is probably a visual bug from the transition from Penpot 1.x to 2.0