Designing Together: Ubuntu's Journey to Open Collaboration

Exciting News from Ubuntu’s Crew!

We have some exciting news to share with you from our friends at Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu. For more than twenty years, Canonical has been a strong supporter of open-source software, with Ubuntu leading the way as an open operating system. However, they’ve noticed that there’s room to improve transparency and collaboration, especially in design processes. That’s why they’ve decided to do something about it.

Open Design Working Group

This project is all about giving designers like you the tools and support to contribute to open-source projects more easily. They’re working hard to create resources that bring designers and project maintainers closer together, making collaboration smoother for everyone involved.

Canonical is inviting all open-source maintainers and designers to take part in a survey, where you can share your needs, ideas, and interests. Your input will help them make sure they’re heading in the right direction and meeting your expectations.


Since decades i have been teaching designers to transition to Ubuntu from Windows while using tools like Inkscape, Evolus Pencil and Gimp. I have also customized Ubuntu for design professionals

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