Design and code in the first Open Chat with Penpot

Can design and code live in one single brain? What are the boundaries between designers and developers? Are designers becoming attracted towards open source?

Our very special guest, Máirín Duffy, Sr. Principal Interaction Designer at Red Hat explored these -and other- questions in the first episode of our brand new Open Chat with Penpot, a series of interviews, where @diacritica and our guests will chat about the intersection of Design and Code, Open Source… and many other topics that have an impact in our current design and product development world!

If you want to enjoy a chat with someone who has been involved in UX design since the term began to be popular in the late 90s, and a huge experience with open source software teams, watch this video right away.

If you prefer to listen to the podcast, check it out on Ivoox or Spotify, and stay in the loop for future episodes.


This was actually a great watch and some really great questions and feedback from Máirín Duffy. Shared this with the designers I work with. Already keen for an Ep. 02.


Wao! You were fast watching it :raised_hands:! It was so great to chat with Máirín in our first episode. And it’s so cool you found the video inspiring & shared it with your team. As soon as we officially launch Penpot (next week!!!) we’ll focus on the Ep. 02. If you feel like doing some suggestions on topics or profiles for future contents, let us know!

I enjoyed this first episode, I love the back and forth, also that the speakers had lots of time to form their thoughts.

Might I suggest a talk about File formats. To me this is one of the most unspoken aspects of lock-in that has kept the design industry locked into few companies (or one :smiley: ).

I’ve shared this thought before, “Format are in a constant war to hold you on their platforms. For example, if you uncompress the penpot files, they are just json, svg and image files … amazing. Psds sadly are a trap in which hope to ensnare you with, by moving them to online only one day, I fear it will get worst. Heh, as you can tell I’m passionate Open Formats, but would it not be great to be able to move your file with all layer effect to any where like sketch files (not open source, just open), svg, ora and others.”

Anyway just a thought.



Hmmm, that could actually be a great topic for an upcoming episode! Thanks @xman !

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It would be amazing to also have this as a real podcast with a feed url to subscribe with any podcast client.
To use an open standard would suit this format, the title and Penpot very well. Actually I am very surprised you share this on closed platforms only…

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@almu @sonisl perhaps we could make sure we have an alternative to youtube for this? Some simple way to watch the raw mp4 file and we can simply keep track of them here on

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I second this! An RSS feed would be great. Open standards aside, I listen to podcasts on my KaiOS phone so that’s mostly the only way to get them. (Again the power of standards—that if you want to implement it on a device you can just go ahead and do it :wink:)