Constant "Bad Gateway" errors every 3-5 minutes

I’m getting pretty constant “Bad Gateway” errors every 3-5 minutes in the middle of working. Based on what the interface shows, it seems to be happening when the file attempts to autosave.

Is anyone else experiencing this, and have you found any way to mitigate it?

If it matters, I’m currently using Firefox on a Mac because Webkit browsers like Chrome and Safari seem to have performance issues when using Penpot.

I suppose I’ll take the deafening silence as a no—either I’m alone in experiencing Bad Gateway errors, or nobody has found a workaround.

In case it’s helpful for anyone looking into it, these seem to happen when the document tries to autosave. Usually autosaves happen quickly, but sometimes they hang (the text says “Saving…” for longer than usual), and then I get a Bad Gateway error.

Sorry, @Ian. We are investigating this problem but so far we still have not been able to get anything clear.

This is not a generalized issue. It seems to be related to some particular files. Perhaps one file has some very big objects inside, or a complex structure. Could you please write to and give us the url of the file you are working on, so we can inspect it and see what could be the cause? Thanks.