Components don't scale text

I have a component that I want to use in various places but when I add the component to a layer and try to resize the component, any text within the component doesn’t scale at all.

Here’s a video showing the issue I’m having. Not sure what I’m doing wrong:

Hello @Lee_Conlin, the scalable option only applies for vector. You can use a vector design tool as Inkscape to transform text into path and use it as you wish on penpot.

This seems like a fairly basic feature to be missing. I can’t be the only person that wants to scale components that have text in them?

Hi @Lee_Conlin!

Try using the scaling tool (key K) and try to resize your component, it will work just fine.

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Yes! Scale with key K will work, we also will prioritize this issue: Taiga

I think proportional scaling should be treated as a tool and be present on the floating toolbar, will solve a lot of issues with scaling of objects like text.

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Thanks for this. That worked. Would be great if that was more obvious in the UI.

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