Cljs Reconnecting - remote error

Hi guys,
Starting a new thread to get a solution to this issue. On setting up the development environment locally I keep getting an icon of shadow-cljs reconnecting and the errors in console.

Issue: I am not able to see any changes on frontend that I do in the code
Error on console:

Errors on tmux shell:

My system:
Macos Monterey version 12.4 m1 chip
docker desktop:4.9.0
docker version:20.10.16

hello @vatron

As far as I understand you are using docker for osx. Even though the vast majority of stuff works transparently, some software needs some native funcionality. In this case, the repository is always downloaded on a shared filesystem with your host and in this case OSX and docker uses some virtualfs that has limited capacities.

The file watcher that uses the the clojurescript compiler requires that functionalities that are avaiable on native linux filesystems, but as you use the docker for osx, the shared filesystem between docker layer (linux) and the osx looks like does not implements all the necessary functionality, and this is why you can se the large stack trace saying Function not implemented. This is not a penpot issue, is because of docker for osx and the later instance because of osx.

There are nothing we can do here, we all use linux for development, and we don’t expect support osx as development for the near future.