Error on cloning and Running penpot locallly

Hi guys on cloning the penpot repo and running the commands:```
./ pull-devenv
./ run-devenv it compiles successfully but on going to url and tring to log in:
But it shows wrong username and password despite creating a user

Hello @vatron

What url are you using to login? :slight_smile:

hi the url provided for dev environment : http://localhost:3449/#/auth/login

Perhaps you can tell me how do I create a user for dev environment.

Just accessing to that url and clicking on “register account”

Hey Alex,

I registered from 2 different mail ids and still wasn’t getting any verification link and on trying to login using that email and password I was getting wrong username or password. on seeing the console I got the following errors :

websocket.cljs:12 WebSocket connection to ‘ws://localhost:3450/api/remote-relay?server-token=926ccb91-b6b7-4a73-a9fe-acf88f92fb84’ failed:

shared.cljs:305 shadow-cljs - remote-error
isTrusted: true
bubbles: false
cancelBubble: false
cancelable: false
composed: false
currentTarget: WebSocket {url: ‘ws://localhost:3450/api/remote-relay?server-token=926ccb91-b6b7-4a73-a9fe-acf88f92fb84’, readyState: 3, bufferedAmount: 0, onopen: null, onerror: null, …}
defaultPrevented: false
eventPhase: 0
returnValue: true
srcElement: WebSocket {url: ‘ws://localhost:3450/api/remote-relay?server-token=926ccb91-b6b7-4a73-a9fe-acf88f92fb84’, readyState: 3, bufferedAmount: 0, onopen: null, onerror: null, …}
target: WebSocket {url: ‘ws://localhost:3450/api/remote-relay?server-token=926ccb91-b6b7-4a73-a9fe-acf88f92fb84’, readyState: 3, bufferedAmount: 0, onopen: null, onerror: null, …}
timeStamp: 1961.2999999970198
type: “error”
[[Prototype]]: Event

devenv won’t send emails by default but you can check the validation link accessing to http://localhost:1080

Al the details about MailCatcher (the tool we use for developing can be found here

Hey Alex,
Thank you so much ,everything’s working right now I had missed the mailcatcher part. Really appreciate it.
Any idea on how do I resolve the cljs-reconnecting part(the error logs in console )?.

When you run de dev-env you should have a tmux with four tabs, the second one is the shadow-watch. Could you please include a screenshot of what you see there?


hey its something like this :

That’s very strange…it seems to compile and boot but can’t watch.

It may be related to the filesystem watcher not supporting something, what OS and file system are you using?

If you are using mac I think your issue can be related to this → macos - docker compose on mac m1 error: Function not implemented - Stack Overflow, the solution proposed is executing something like ‘docker-compose disable-v2’

hey Alex tried this and some another solutions too on stack but to no avail. Even if I change some content of frontend its not visible on my local application, it might be due to this frontend failure and shadow-cljs reconnecting right ?

I think that’s the issue, shadow-cljs is trying to detect changes on disk but it can’t so code changes can’t be detected :frowning:

@vatron M1/M2 MacBook? Then you need to modify the Dockerfile in docker/devenv.

Hey that didn’t solve the issue, I used another tab and then inside the frontend tab I used npm watch-main.
This enables the hot reload for cljs as build is recompiled.