Boards Disappearing

I just updated to 1.19 and am noticing a strange issue where all of my boards are blank until I click on them. Is this perhaps a setting a may have inadvertently toggled? Has anyone else had this issue?

Hello @mandyrahn can you make a screen recording, so we can see better the issue?

It would really helpful if we could know your browser and SO versions. One more test you could do is if this is happening on

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Hi, I am using Chrome v115.0.5790.110. The problem is that I am on a closed network so I can’t share the file. I realize that may be a deal breaker in helping me figure out the problem. I will say that I have A LOT of screens and board, so maybe I reached the limit?

I am using a self hosted Docker installation and am using the new v 1.19 release.
Thank you for any insight you can provide!

One more thing… it is showing a big pixelated default thumbnail image over all of my boards except for the one I am focused on. If I roll back to v 1.18.5, it goes back to normal.

The thumbnail system has changed in this release but it shouldn’t have that blank effect. If you could attach some screenshots/videos probably that could help. If you could also export that file in the local network, move it outside and load it into and check if it’s also happening that would be great.

One more thing…If you select all move it 1px to the left and again 1px to the right. The “blank” effect is still happening?

Hi Alex, Unfortunately I can’t transfer it out of the network I have it in.

What I ended up doing is just splitting up the file, which seems to be working. The file was very large with a lot of layers.