5 hands-on use cases for the upcoming plugin system

Anything a user can do should also be replicable by a plugin.

@alotor shared great news during the Penpot 2.0 Live: a plugin environment will be available for everyone to create their own plugins.

To see it in action, replay the demo!

He demonstrated the plugin system potential with 5 examples and the plugins manager:

1. New plugin manager: It will help you find the available plugins and simple installation of new ones via a URL link.

2. Contrast plugin: It allows you to compare two colors, calculate the contrast ratio, and assess their compliance with accessibility standards.

3. Lorem Ipsum placeholder data: It enables automatic insertion of a precise amount of text while preserving the style.

4. Icon Library: We’ve incorporated Penpot with the Feather open-source library, making it super easy to place icons in your prototypes.

5. Table Creator: This plugin uses the recently released CSS Grid Layout for effortless table creation, along with the ability to import CSV. @alotor showcased his top Pokémon as an exmple of table creation.

6. Color Palette Library: Each color stored in your local library will be read and displayed in a CSS Grid Layout.

A beta testing session will be opened very soon to members of the Penpot Community.

Stay tuned!


So many questions, but:
Will you attempt to enforce an open source rule to the plugins?

I sincerely hope the developers have the option to charge for their plugins if they want. That way the adoption will be more fast.

As a graphic designer myself, I miss features like in app mockup plugins.

I wonder, what would be the best pricing model for the plugins, in your opinion?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great work and presentation @alotor. I enjoyed quite a lot.

I have been looking around and found this repo, can you send the repositories of the example plugins you showed?

The API reference is valuable resource but a bit raw, I thin it would be supper useful to have a tutorial on how to create a plugin that makes use of the API.
I can think of many people benefiting from this.

@Elena_Alcalde_Rueda is there any list for collecting possible ideas for plugins?
Would love to see a plugin that imports a design token file (json) and it automagically “paints” it into penpot, showing the color gradients, typography scales, raii, etc.
I think this would be a great way to adopt Penpot and empower devs and designers team collaboration.

Hey @iancu Not likely.

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Hi @marcelo_angelim ! The plugins will operate on your server, giving you the freedom to charge if you wish. But we won’t integrate any payment methods directly into Penpot.

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Hi @gabriel! We’ll share the repos as soon as they are available.
There’s not an “official” plugins ideas list yet, but you’ve just created it right here!

The plugins system is already well advanced and we are looking for beta testers :point_down:

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