Where is config.js generated?

Hi all the people,

I’m trying to run Penpot locally with watch-main and watch-gulp. For the most part it works, but the file frontend/resources/public/js/config.js isn’t generated and when Penpot tries to fetch it, it gets a 404.

For example the file frontend/resources/public/js/polyfills.js is generated in frontend/gulpfile.js but there is no config.js generated there (or anywhere else).

How to solve this? Thanks.

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I could work-around this by creating it myself.

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If you can describe how you created your setup (so the problem can be replicated), it might be worth filing an issue on github (or writing the replication steps here and I can post it there)

Or it might be this problem that exists already? (In this case, telling you had the same problem can help the developers to see that this is a revevant issue)