Serializer/Deserializer for the .penpot format

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I’m looking into building some kind of converter from Adobe XD and Figma to .penpot. I’ve dug into the figma format/API and one of the last pieces that I need to figure out is how the .penpot file format works. I’ve looked into the repo, but I’m not familiar with Clojure and can’t find related files to the file format.

Is there any information or script or code that can be used to serialize/deserialize to/from the .penpot format? I would like to know how to create a .penpot file from an external source.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m afraid, but currently there is nothing like that at Penpot. In the last few days we have received several requests like this one and we are still evaluating this increase of the interest in building Figma importers and how we can better help to make this happen. We hope to share news very soon, please stay tuned :slight_smile:


Thank you for the response, there must be some specification on the .penpot format. I’m not asking for a figma converter (since that is what I’m trying to build) I just need to understand the .penpot format more.

Is there any information about it documented somewhere? Looking at it it’s some kind of binary file, but unsure how to create one or parse one.

We still don’t have documented the format. In a couple of days we will have a meeting about this topic, I hope to get back to you soon with news.

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We’ve just published a post explaining that we are going to do something that might be what you’re asking for, feel free to join the conversation here: Figma file importer

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