Selfhost update: when I update penpot from 1.15.2 to 1.17.2, the data lost

1.15.2 docker-compose.yaml volume is different from 1.17.2. when I update , all user data is empty.

I found out, that the location of docker volumes changed。

1.15.2 docker-compose.yaml


1.17.2 docker-compose.yaml
penpot_postgres_v15: /var/lib/postgresql/data

the volume name has changed。How can I migrate the previous data over? What was the reason for the name change?

Hi @vege, thanks for reporting. The team is taking a look on it.

Hi @vege did you check this solution proposed by @niwinz ?

Testing the official Penpot version 1.15.2 upgrade to the Postgres image is still in progress and has not been completed yet.

Yes, this tutorial helped me successfully upgrade PostgreSQL. Thank you very much. However, now there is another issue, which is that the volume name for the asset has also changed: 1.15.2: penpot_assets_data. 1.17.2: penpot_assets.

If I directly copy the penpot_assets_data volume to penpot_assets, there will still be errors. After testing, I found that I need to copy penpot_assets_data/assets to penpot_assets, and then it will work. However, I do not know if there will be any other issues with this operation, and I have not found any relevant documentation. I want to confirm if what I did is appropriate.