Penpot right for NPO B2B/B2C protal?

The nonprofit, PublicGood Foundation, is embarking on creating a B2B/B2C platform to be used in several initiatives. We only use proprietary when there is no viable FLOSS solution. The problems with me sizing up Penpot for the portal aspect of the platform includes not being a UX designer, I dont even know how to wireframes in Figma.

  • What are some example case where one would want to use a solution such as Figma rather than Penpot?
  • As a UX designer, what reservations would you have about Penpot being required in a job/volunteer listing?
  • Where can I find UX designers ready and able to do a full project with Penpot?

Thank you,

Hello @tomdavidson ,

maybe this chat can help you: