Penpot is made by Kaleidos

Penpot has an incredible team of brilliant people who make possible our design platform. These people are part of a company called Kaleidos. And one year ago we decided to change directions to what it seemed natural to us. Why did we decide to change our business model focusing on our own Open Source products: Taiga and Penpot? Taiga and Penpot lead our new chapter at Kaleidos | Kaleidos Blog | Beautiful tech, beautiful values


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Some of you might not know that Kaleidos comes from the greek roots kalos (beautiful) and eidos (form) so Kaleidos could mean “of a beautiful form”. The initial Kaleidos’ motto was “beautiful code” to match the “beautiful form” concept.

The idea behind this was that through beautiful code (which has to be open source, otherwise there’s no way to tell if it’s beautiful by the public) we could achieve great “beautiful form” (design). One resulted in the other.

More recently we decided to change “beautiful code” to “beautiful tech” to be more explicit about the design+code mix since 99.99% of the people wouldn’t know what the word Kaleidos means and might get the wrong “dev only” impression. Still it represents our company’s culture, values and ethos, which is to have designers and developers enjoying working together and tackling bigger challenges leveraging open source.