Migrations for "components/v2" need to be applied.... but how?

Hi everyone! So, we are a really small team, is just me and a designer, working with Penpot. I have a local Penpot instalation with Docker and my designer uses the Cloud based service. So, to keep in synch, Penpot files are exported from the cloud and imported in my local instance.

Last night my designer send me the new Penpot files for a project we are working on, I couldn’t import them, so i remember abut the breaking upgrade and decided to upgrade my own system. So… after a couple hours of searching and reading i got it up an running, but… I’m struggling on importing Penpot v2 files The issue only arises on my local installation, like something is missing.

This is the error while opening an imported Penpot 2 file


How could I apply those migrations for “components/v2”?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Emir_Herrera

There are still no docker images for penpot 2 (probably we will release them tomorrow). So…how did you upgrade your installation?

From source code. I build the docker container with ./manage.sh run-devenv well, it still is on development stage, but is half way to full docker deployment.

I see… well, this is a not supported way to run penpot (devenv should be used just for development environments). We still haven’t released nor documented scripts for self migration of teams and event using run-devenv until some hours ago the components v2 were disabled by default.

Anyway probably pulling the latest version from some hours ago (it has components enabled by default), relaunching the run-devenv and creating a new team should allow you importing that .penpot file in the new team.

Great! I just found the commit fd5b1c034157b9a28e0a88e3e2d4873bb5d0d076 that fixes that. It’s awkwardly behind tag 2.0.0 though… but anyways. Up and running!

Thanks a lot!

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Great!, and yes, you are right, the commit is still behind tag 2.0.0, we will tag properly tomorrow too :slight_smile: