Make rounded edges keep their ratio when resizing

Hi there! I’ve been using Penpot for the past few days and i’ve been loving it! One feature i’d suggest is the ability to keep the “roundness” of the rounded edges when resizing. Here’s an example of what currently happens when resizing:

Here’s the comparison between three states. I’ll shrink it and you’ll see it doesn’t keep the “roundness” configuration, while it’d be fantastic if it did:

As you can see, at different sizes the round corners are different, while there could be a configuration so that shrinking doesn’t change the aspect of the corners.

Hope this helps!

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A radius of 15px is a radius of 15px is a radius of 15px. IMO, the behavior is as expected, since it’s exactly what would happen with CSS. Penpot isn’t a vector illustration program.

This is debatable.
CSS lets you add percentage values to corner radiuses (border-radius: 50%). Penpot doesn’t support that although that could answer the @Lucas95 problem.
This would feel more like a hack; I like the Figma and Illustrator approach of having a “Scale” tool that allows both behaviors.