Locally hosted Penpot gives 404 Not found

New to Penpot. I cloned the git and started the server executing the below command in Windows using GitBash.

Followed the steps provided in

3.3. Dev environment

Server is getting started successfully and I am able to open MINIO in localhost:9001 also I am able to open MailCatcher in localhost:1080.

But when I try to open


It says 404 Not Found and nginx below that. What am I missing and how do I make it work.


Hello @sunil_cn, are you still having this issue?

Hi @carolina.portugal, Yes. I’m still getting the same issue.

Hi @carolina.portugal,

I found this, bug: [devenv] nginx 404 not Found · Issue #4337 · penpot/penpot · GitHub

Hope team addresses it with priority as it is a blocker.

When you use ./manage.sh run-devenv you should have a tmux with four different tabs (gulp, shadow-watch, exporter and backend). Check all of them have been launched correctly and if there are any errors or extra info on them.

@carolina.portugal I’m trying in Windows with Git Bash and I noticed all the commands are not running, hence the error.

Is there any way to run it in Windows?