Introducing: Henpot! (A demo project for the parity project)

Howdy! :wave::cowboy_hat_face:

A while ago I published my Figma v Penpot parity list as sort of a milestone tracker for when Penpot can be used as a reliable tool for active professionals like myself. If you’ve seen the list, you know it’s been missing developer input for a while now.

So I made a demo project called (drumroll please)

HENPOT is an app for making custom eggs as gifts or part of an easter egg collection. It’s meant to be an easy website to design and order these eggs with a fun, easy to use experience. It’s also completely fictional and only two pages at the moment (sorry egg fanatics).

I’ll be using this project to demo Penpot’s inspect ability to friendly developers I know and love. If you see opportunities to grow this project or want to run your own tests, tell me your ideas!