Humen Rights Foundation bounty to port Bitcoin UI Kit to Penpot

The Human Rights Foundation just posted a bounty of 2 bitcoin to port the Bitcoin UI Kit from Figma to Penpot. This is something we’ve been discussing recently and it’s amazing to have this bounty now to create some momentum. The Bitcoin UI Kit is quite complex, with dozens of icons, text styles, color variables, components, everything using auto-layout, light/dark modes, custom workflow plug-ins, and around 300 screen mock-ups. So it’s going to be a challenge to port this over and adjust it to how Penpot works. And ideally, we can a set up a truly open collaboration process through this effort. I am not sure what’s possible with Penpot now, and what will be possible in the future, but this is a good opportunity to push a little bit (or a lot). It would be amazing to hear from others experience going through this type of migration. What has worked for you, what hasn’t, what are some good resources, etc? And of course you’re welcome to chip in. Thanks in advance.

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We had a kick-off call today. Recording and notes are here. We’ll meet again next week to come up with a bit of a project plan.

The bounty has been claimed. Several teams ended up working on it, and two of the submissions are listed now on (trying to get all other submissions as well).

Now we don’t call it a day here. Penpot is evolving, and the bounty submissions did not investigate how we could use shared libraries or the Penpot API. The release of Components V2 is also upcoming. So we now have near-term Penpot files that are 1:1 matches with Figma, and we are going to have a future-oriented Penpot file (or set of files) that will be lighter content (to simplify upgrades), but be focused on really taking advantage of all Penpot has to offer. Should be fun.

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