How do I publish a completed site to a host?

Confused. Is this not a tool to build a site, then publish to some host? I don’t want to self-host this tool; I just want to upload the site and its files to a host.

While it can generate some HTML and CSS from your designs, I don’t believe that Penpot has the ability to host said code in the way that you are thinking. You may want to try Framer.

Not asking for Penpot to host anything. Quite the opposite.

Is it an online tool to build websites that can be hosted on my own server without the need to install Penpot on my server?

It can, but with some limitations. Penpot is a collaborative web application for interface design.

The main use case is creating mockups and prototypes to iterate on a design quickly. In a development team, this lets you validate a website or application’s design before writing code.

To make the transition from design to code easy, Penpot has a copy to HTML and CSS option. Using that, you could create your website’s design in Penpot, copy and paste the HTML/CSS of your design into a .html file, and host it on a server.

But the HTML output won’t be perfect, there will be lots of classes, and it won’t be semantic – every HTML tag will be a

– you will need to create links to pages and media queries manually if you need those features.

Thank you. This was the clarity I needed.