Glow Effect on Penpot [tutorial]

Hi guys! I’ve made this quick tutorial to show how to make a glow effect using Penpot shadow properties. The video is in Portuguese but i will let a quick guide in English below.

How to do

  1. Create an object or text. Take their fill off and add a stroke.
  2. Define the stroke as white or some light color close to white.
  3. Add a shadow as Drop Shadow and zero all X/Y values.
  4. Add a color (a saturated one) and add 2x the size of the border as BLUR.

If you need the effect to be a bit bigger you can just add some spread to it.


Supercool @RenanMayrinckDesign.

Funny coincidence, is surprisingly aligned with the upcoming Penpot Fest aesthetics.

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Just noticed that too! Funny coincidence indeed lol