FAQ - Why specifically Open Source?

It’s our very personal choice to make sure that we create tools that inject more freedom into the system. Open Source means pursuing a fairer society, where opportunities are more evenly distributed. Software Technology has the unique advantage, compared to other industries and intellectual property, of having almost zero cost to replicate itself, thus providing a wonderful chance to massively distribute the tools for a more digitally sovereign society.

Besides the pure license aspect of it and its legal framework, Open Source fosters more engaging communities where the lines between user and contributor are often blurred.

In particular, we chose the very respected Mozilla Public License 2.0 because it made software delivered through the web or a service subject to the same rules as software that runs natively on your operating system.


That’s a great, beautiful and true explanation. @claragv explains it further on her post Why Open Source? | Kaleidos Blog | Beautiful tech, beautiful values