Background blur effect, please

Can we have background blur effect please? We already have layer blur, but it would be nice to have background blur. Thanks.


Hi @Opeyemi_Adetifa,

Thank you for the suggestion! We already have an enhancement in our backlog for this but it hasn’t been prioritized yet, you can find the details here.

In the meantime, you can apply the blur effect to a board so it affects all its contents, would this option work for you?

Hey there @Opeyemi_Adetifa, I’ve proposed this a while ago, but wasn’t aware there were any progress on it: Add Filters panel + "Background Blur" option

By the way, there’s a more manual way to do this, which I explain right here:

The video is in Portuguese, but I think you can see the steps and reproduce it to achieve the desired effect.


background blur would be really important for me as well

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