APPEAL! Penpot please don't be like figma and answer the call of LINUX users

I currently use figma to execute my projects and I have a YouTube channel

I even tested the penpot to start creating content for my channel but unfortunately I missed some features, especially the option to SAVE GRIDS.

It would be of great value to the community if you released this update.

I don’t remember very well if they already work with variables (I know it’s possible to save colors and typography as a style but as a variable I don’t know if it’s possible).

But first let’s try to resolve the SAVE GRIDS issue, shall we? :sweat_smile:

I’ve been wanting to migrate to PENPOT since I migrated from WINDOWS to LINUX. If the PENPOT team manages to add all the features that figma already has, I will definitely migrate and make room on my YouTube channel for PENPOT.

I’m sure that the PENPOT team will meet the needs of LINUX users (unlike figma who said in the topic that they are not motivated to be developing an official version for Linux, I think this was a disregard for the Linux public, topic link here Figma, release an official version for LINUX users - #2 by Samuel_Castro1 - General Discussion - Figma Community Forum)

Oh! Congratulations on the work to the whole team and a big hug :hugs:


The option to save grids as an asset in your library?

I mean it in the same way figma does.

If you look carefully at the attached printout, you will see that figma lets you not only create the grids, but also save them.

This is very useful when starting a new screen or even a file, this way it is not necessary to create a grid every time you start a new screen. (It also makes it possible to share styles between files containing grids, shadows, colors, etc.)

Hugs! :hugs: