About the colour picker issue where the picker does not pick the colour at all from the colour palette

For e.g. when I go to the assets panel and choose the colour section and want to save a new colour from the palette. the colour picker does not pick the colour from any place on the board. but it was working a week ago but suddenly stopped working for a few days.

Hello @will1 can we know your browser and SO versions that you are having this issue?

hey @will1 if you could also attach some screenshots/videos explaining your problem that would be great!

Hey @carolina.portugal thank you very much for the response, I am on Google Chrome and using Mac OS. But the issue is solved I guess. I don’t have the issue anymore, but it was not working 15min and now it’s fine.

Hey @Alex, thank you for the response. I was about to record the issue but, when I started the recording. The colour picker was working fine. Before 20min it was not working but now it’s perfect.