Is there a manual way of installing penpot?


I was wondering if there are install instructions somewhere on how to install Penpot manually from source ?

I found Docker and Elestio instructions but I normally like to be more involved installing self-hosted apps so I can learn more about the components and debug them later.

Also I normally host these types of apps in LXC containers in my Proxmox cluster so with a DIY install I could make a nice “debian/penpot LXC” instead of “Penpot in docker in Debian in a VM on Proxmox(Debian)” like I have to do now.


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We don’t maintain a manual procedure of installing Penpot. The official installation is via Docker images or Elestio system.

But by looking at the Docker files you should be able to reproduce the installation in your environment.

Amazing, thank you. Thank should do.

Ill play within docker for now but when I get a minute I’ll see if I cant LXC penpot.


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Thanks! Notify us if you manage to build it with LXC.

Hello @fabquenneville - did you see any luck spinning up Penpot on Proxmox?
I’m eager to learn more also.

This isn’t an answer to the original question, but might help someone else searching along these lines. I installed penpot using podman from this guide. It’s still a container, but less overhead than docker.

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Also, there’s this community supported option for Desktop-like experience.