FAQ: What does the Penpot team do with relevant feature requests?

First of all, it’s difficult to track all feature requests that people share in the public. For direct contributions that people want to make, we have a great Contributing Guide that covers everything from bug reports to core code contributions.

As for feature requests like the ones that are typically are expressed like “It would be amazing if…” or “You should add X” or even “I will start using Penpot when you folks ship Y”, it’s a bit trickier but the best place to elaborate on those is clearly the Help us improve Penpot category right here.

The team regularly reviews what’s there and engages in a thoughtful conversation. Most of the time, our impression is that a feature request would make a great plugin! Yeah, exactly! Many feature requests might be killer features for a specific use case but not for everyone so it’s important that we can allow users to activate those on demand through a plugin system.

We don’t have a plugin architecture just yet but we’re working on that and it’s one of the top priorities post-official launch in 2023. There’s a ton of creativity out there and we shouldn’t be the ones judging whether a particular need deserves to be part of Penpot’s core features or not at all.

Of course, some feature requests do feel like absolute winners for almost everyone enjoying Penpot so we might take on those challenges ourselves, irrespective of whether we actually use the plugin architecture too for that.

We can’t wait to make Penpot a bigger platform for everyone to easily contribute both design and code!