FAQ - Penpot's Journey (so far)

2011-2014: Founding Kaleidos Open Source

The team behind Penpot founds Kaleidos Open Source, a software consultancy in Spain with a strong belief in open source.

2015-2018: Integrating Development and Design

Kaleidos brings designers in-house and focuses on integrating development and design. The company launches Taiga, an open-source agile project management tool that gains recognition worldwide.

2019-2020: The Birth of Penpot

The team identifies a need for better open-source design tools and decides to create a solution themselves. The first prototype was created during Kaliedos’s week of Personal Innovation (Piweek) and it were named UXBOX.

February 2021: Penpot’s Public Launch

The platform is initially labeled as an alpha product upon its public launch.

2021: Seeding Penpot’s Early Community and Moving to Beta

Penpot’s early community is seeded, and the project receives public funding in Spain. The platform moves from Alpha to Beta in November, experiencing a surge in adoption and love.

2022: Securing Series A Investment

Penpot finds the right Series A partner in Decibel, who leads an $8M investment round. This marks the largest Series A for a Spanish open-source company to date.

January 2023: Penpot Is Officially Out of Beta

Throughout its evolution, the Penpot team has been dedicated to bridging the gap between developers and designers. Our efforts have resulted in a tool that is not only stable and feature-rich, but also backed by a supportive and engaged community.