Components what I am doing wrong

I am trying to use components. I have a table for a persona with Age, Job Title Location, and sample text with for the values. I wanted to move a few things around and reset the overrides. How do I keep the text that I changed in the field? I want it to change the styles and the locations but not the text itself on certain text boxes how do I make that happen?

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If I understand correctly, you create the design for a persona using Penpot similarly to a layout program like InDesign or the like. Would you use the components to keep the styles consistent between many different personas, so your components are “photo”, “list of skills”, “goals” and the like?

Correct. But for example in my About persona component in order to make sure it all fits correctly and spacing is correct I have lorem ipsum text. If I move the spacing around in the component. I want to reset overrides to get everything into the correct spot or change the style but keep the text I have replace lorem ipsum with.

Ahh, you want to reset overrides for everything that is style but keep the (text) content! (As you said initially, but I somehow failed to grasp it).
That makes sense, but I don’t know how to do this.
@myfunnyandy, what @vegaed describes seems like a sensible request to me, but I could not find an easy way to do it. Is there one? If there is none, I could write a ticket for it

Hi @vegaed, you’re not doing anything wrong. There is a known bug related to the updates of the overriden values of component copies that seems to be the cause of the problems you’re facing.

Somehow it seems that if the style changes are made and updated from the object from which the component was created (the “original”), the overriden values are keeped. In the gif below the board “1” was the original component, I’ve created a couple of copies, changed their content and then made some style changes and repositioning inside board 1 before updating it. It looks good but I also could see that text styles are not being properly updated.


We are in the middle of a deep rework of the components system and fortunately it is in a very advance stage. The described issues will be solve with this major update (@jdittrich thank you very much for the offering but a new ticket won’t be needed).